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Look for my octopus paintings in two art & literature journals this fall - the Santa Clara Review and Rock & Sling. See more of my octopus paintings (there are over 700!) at An Octopus a Day and for sale on Etsy. Two of my octopus paintings, Waterbaby and Tentative Octopus, are also now available as tile murals at Pacifica Tile Art Studio!

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Hey there! I'm Rupa. Perhaps you've heard of my thesis project, Antagonistic Couture, my An Octopus a Day Project, or my New York Times Data Viz exploration, The Cost of War (video interview about the project here). I'm a graphic designer, web developer, seamstress, painter, printmaker, and photographer recently graduated from Parsons the New School for Design with a Master of Fine Arts in Design + Technology. Some of my prime areas of interest are gender studies, social psychology, digital culture and cyberpunk. I also dig comic books, anything sci-fi, martial arts, snails, knitting, public radio, mosh pits, modeling, breaking expensive electronic gadgets and baking.

If you're interested in hiring me, my resume is available here.

If you have any comments about my projects or anything else feel free to shoot me an email at info at Any feedback is very welcome! Thanks for stopping by :)

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